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From Cathy Mleko <>
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 19:19:56 GMT

I downloaded commons-net-1.0.0 from url
/ on February 19, 2003 at 14:58, the day after it became available.  While
testing methods I've written which use the FTPClient class methods, I found
that disconnect() was taking five minutes to complete each  and every time
it was used to disconnect from either an MVS or an AIX FTP server.  Since
I'd used setDefaultTimeout(300000) to set the default timeout to 300
seconds (five minutes) , I thought the coincidence might have some
relevance, so I removed setDefaultTimeout() from my code.  After doing
this, each disconnect() began taking fifteen minutes to complete instead of
the initial five minutes it had taken on both the MVS and the AIX systems
I returned setDefaultTime(3000000) to my code, and disconnect() now takes
five minutes to disconnect from an MVS FTP server and fifteen minutes to
disconnect from an AIX FTP server.  Why doesn't the disconnect occur
instantaneously, and what might I do to eliminate this performance issue?
Please respond as soon as possible since I'm supposed to install next week.
Thanks for your help.

Cathy Mleko

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