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From "Hoilman, D Scott" <>
Subject [net] FTPClient question (modified subject corrected email addres s)
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 19:04:56 GMT

Hi all,

	I've just recently migrated from the java IP*Works net framework to the framework to implement some FTP client code and have run into a

	I'm using an FTPClient object and am both sending and receiving files
using the storeFileStream() and retrieveFileStream() methods on an extremely
narrow pipe (128kbps/64kbps async). 
I set all three available timeouts (So, Timeout and Data) to 60000 ms but am
still experiencing timeouts on the completePendingCommand call following the
storeFileStream() call.  When I run this same code on a normal 10/100 network it
works flawlessly.  Additionally, when I check the file at the destination
machine it is complete.

Are there any other settings/methods, besides the three timeouts above, I should
be performing on the FTPClient to make it more latency resistant due to this
narrow pipe?  

Thanks in advance,

D. Scott Hoilman
Harris Corporation
Software Engineer 
(800) 304-0178 (pager)

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