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From "Malani, Prakash" <>
Subject RE: [validator]Confusion about TestValidator and TestTypeValidato r
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 03:30:25 GMT

How are you doing?

> Good evening!
> I'm a new user attempting to use the Validator framework outside of
> Struts.  I've looked at all the examples in the validator-1.0.1-src

Yes...  We have been successfully using it outside of Struts...

> download and see that all the validator-*.xml files refer to
> TestValidator and TestTypeValidator.
> Neither of these classes is in the commons-validator.jar that 
> was in the
> file.  I believe it would be possible to use the

The trick I found was the downloading the source.  Then, I not only looked
in the examples, but also in the tests.  I found good examples there...

> GenericValidator and GenericTypeValidator instead except that I can't
> see how to set up a required rule using the isBlankOrNull method.  How
> should I proceed?  Are TestValidator and TestTypeValidator in 
> some other
> .jar file?  Shouldn't there be a isNotBlankOrNull method in
> GenericValidator?  I really must have the ability to set up a required
> rule.  Many thanks!

I have created a simple extension to validator that makes it pretty straight
forward to use.  It is available here:  Check it

> Regards,
> Phil Seay

Best regards...

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