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From "Wannheden, Knut" <>
Subject RE: [jelly] howto setup eclipse for jelly development?
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 08:41:41 GMT

> What I've been doing locally is to add all the source 
> directories for each
> library I'm working on to the project along with manually 
> adding any extra
> jar dependencies. So I have a single project with all the 
> source code for
> Jelly in there, divided into java & test directories for each 
> library. Then
> I get the benefit of eclipse compile checking if I change something in
> Jelly's core etc.

Yes, that's a possibility.  It just means that you have to do a lot of work
manually which you didn't have to do before Jelly was split up into multiple
projects.  Also if you for one tag library decide to go with a new version
of a third party library you will have to remember to update the classpath
in Eclipse for the corresponding project.

If the tag libraries all are separate Maven projects, why not map them the
same way to Eclipse projects?  I think that could have several advantages
(e.g. no need to rebuild everything if one tag library changes its
classpath).  The only problem I see with that strategy is the location of
the core relative to the other tag libraries.  The location of the Eclipse
project for the core would have to be different from the location of the
Maven project.  Alternatively the core could of course be moved into a
subdirectry (e.g. core) so it wouldn't be a parent directory of the other
tag libraries anymore.

You'd of course also get the compile checking benefit with multiple
projects, provided that you have all dependant projects loaded.

> It'd be nice to patch the eclipse plugin for Maven to do this 
> automatically.
> The same thing could be used to generate the eclipse project for Maven
> itself; it has a similar issue of lots of sub-projects 
> (plugins) that it'd
> be nice to include in the same large project.

That would be great!  Although I still think having multiple Eclipse
projects would be more elegant.  Maybe the plugin could generate some kind
of project set to load into Eclipse?



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