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From Dmitri Plotnikov <>
Subject Re: [JXPath] extend JXPath
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 01:22:02 GMT

--- wrote:
> Dmitri,
> Thanks a lot for your answer. Anyway I have another question below :
> >> - implement interface DynamicPropertyHandler and define our
> behaviour
> >> in getProperty method.
> >If you can achieve your goal by implementing DynamicPropertyHandler,
> >that's the way to go - there is nothing easier.  Let me know if you
> run
> >into problems with this approach.
> We were currently thinking of another solution : extending
> NodePointer & other related classes (package
> org.apache.commons.jxpath.ri.model).
> Bu twe are not sure if these classes are really intended for
> customizing the way of navigating through the objects...
> Is it ? And if yes, is it a better way (faster, more powerfull) than
> simply implementing DynamicPropertyHandler ?
Extending NodePointer etc will work too.  However, if your objects
resemble maps, DynamicPropertyHandler is the preferred way to go.  See,
NodePointer is a part of the "reference implementation", that is
technically semi-public.

We are currently contemplating a solution that is better than both of
the ones we have been discussing.  There is a new project in
commons/sandbox, called "clazz" (see  Once
clazz becomes a part of commons proper, we will integrate it with
JXPath and that will add tremendous flexibility to the customization of
introspection.  This is just a sneak peek though; do not count on that
integration happening too soon.

> thanks a lot !
> pikepoke.

- Dmitri

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