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From Rademacher Tobias <>
Subject AW: [Messenger] Messenger Configuration and JBoss
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 08:31:06 GMT
Hi James,

thanks for your helpfull respone.

>You can use code (though I've never tried it yet); though one of the points
>of Messenger is that the JMS configuration becomes a deployment option
>rather than inside your application code. Though I don't see any reason why
>you can't use Java code if you wish.
>Right now the MessengerManager is a little container of Messenger instances
>which are looked up by name. You could manually create a MessengerManager
>and register Messenger instances as you wish - or just use your own
>Messenger directly and not bother with the MessengerManager class.

Okay. In something JMXish like JBoss wouldn't be a MBean a nice choice for
configuration? Actually I like the JMX aproach a lot. It's  a shame
that only a few Appsever's support this great technology....

>Putting Messenger.xml anywhere in the classpath will do the trick; or just
>explicitly initialising Messenger in (say) a Servlet my getting the URL
>some location.
>e.g. in a servlet you could do
>    URL url = getServletContext().getResource("/WEB-INF/Messenger.xml");
>    MessengerManager manager = MessengerManager.configure( url.toString()
>    ...
>or do something similar in an EJB etc.

In EJB this would be a much greater Problem. So the only thing i guess is to
the complete xml string into a ejb-env entry or access it via JNDI.
Mhm. But this means that MessengerManager may need a configure(Document
method processing a based dom4j document. Again here I would love it load
the configuration
from a MBean. So I guess I spent some investigations in that. What do you

BTW: I know you a critic of EJB's. After writing an application using CMP
2.0 Entity Beans
and a couple of MDB I follow most of your points. What do you think in this
context about
MDB? Usefull or painfull? Actually I'm a big fan of JMS, because it offer so
much flexibility.

>If you want to be able to hot deploy the servlet and ear independently,
>they should both have their own JMS connections & MessengerManager
>so that you can take down (say) the ear and the war keeps running etc.

Thx for that hint.

> Seconde question:
> Will it work in jboss?
>Absolutely. There's a sample JBoss configuration file in src/conf

Cooool. Thanks for providing such usefull tools.


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