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From John Keyes <>
Subject Re: [CLI] Auto Usage Help issues?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:26:14 GMT
Hi Matt,

> Have just started using this, excellent tool very easy to use.

> However the auto usage stuff seems to need some work.
> I have one wish list entry for ordering of arguments.
> I have two issues with the auto usage help when using OptionGroups
> 1) be able to define the order in which options, and option groups are
> printed.
> Simply using the order in which the options are added to the Options object
> would be sufficient to make it work how most people would expect.
This should be made configurable alright.

> 2) Option groups don't display the arg name if they exist (and are required)
> [-a | -b] instead of [-a foo| -b bar] as I would expect.
> The code doing this is explicitly writing it's own info rather than using
> the toString() method to get it to achieve consistency.
> I would prefer the second format for consistency but accept this may be
> personal preference. I would be willing to make this change myself (though
> I've never contributed to an OS project before)
I suppose that makes it dependent on the implementation of toString(),
and would raise the question about how much information we want in
the toString method.  I think this should be a dump of all information
from the Option and one specifically formatted for display.  The
addition of a getUsage and getHelp methods would be helpful though.

> 3) probably a bug
> import org.apache.commons.cli.*;
> public class BugTest
> {
> private final static char SOURCE_ARG = 's';
> private final static String SOURCE_LONG_ARG = "source";
> private final static char DEST_ARG = 'd';
> private final static String DEST_LONG_ARG = "dest";
> private final static char TABLE_ARG = 't';
> private final static String TABLE_LONG_ARG = "table";
> private final static char SCRIPT_ARG = 'f';
> private final static String SCRIPT_LONG_ARG = "script";
> private static final String CONTROL_FILE_NAME = "control.xml";
> public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
> {
> 	Options options = new Options();
> 	options.addOption(OptionBuilder.withArgName("dest_db")
> 			.withDescription("use name as defined in " +
> 			.isRequired()
> 			.hasArg()
> 			.withLongOpt(DEST_LONG_ARG)
> 			.create(DEST_ARG));
> 	options.addOption(OptionBuilder.withArgName("source_db")
> 			.withDescription("use name as defined in " +
> 			.isRequired()
> 			.hasArg()
> 			.withLongOpt(SOURCE_LONG_ARG)
> 			.create(SOURCE_ARG));
> 	OptionGroup tableGroup = new OptionGroup();
> 	tableGroup.isRequired();
> 	tableGroup.addOption(OptionBuilder.withArgName("table_name")
> 			.withDescription("same name will be used in source
> and dest")
> 			.hasArg()
> 			.withLongOpt(TABLE_LONG_ARG)
> 			.create(TABLE_ARG));
> 	tableGroup.addOption(OptionBuilder.withArgName("script_file")
> 			.withDescription("flat text file with 1 tablename
> per line")
> 			.hasArg()
> 			.withLongOpt(SCRIPT_LONG_ARG)
> 			.create(SCRIPT_ARG));
> 	options.addOptionGroup(tableGroup);
> 	HelpFormatter formatter = new HelpFormatter();
> 	formatter.printHelp("test", options, true);
> }
> }
> Produces usage info of form
> usage: test -d dest_db [-t | -f]-s source_db [-f script_file]
> -d,--dest <dest_db>         use name as defined in control.xml
> -f,--script <script_file>   flat text file with 1 tablename per line
> -s,--source <source_db>     use name as defined in control.xml
> -t,--table <table_name>     same name will be used in source and dest 
> For some reason the second member of the optionGroup is printed both in and
> out of the group...
> I'm using the 1.0 release.
OK, thats a bug.  

> I would be happy to (attempt to) change all of the above, but am I confess
> unused to actually changing open source projects and feeding those changes
> back in (if they are wanted)
Actually I am currently implementing a v2 of CLI (haven't gotten it into
CVS yet..) and I haven't started work on the HelpFormatter yet, so 
I would say the best thing to do is to leave it with me for the time
being.  I am not sure what the outcome of the v2 work will be, and
whether the v1 will be maintained so when I get a chance I will 
try to sort this out.

Thanks for the feedback,
-John k

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