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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject RE: [Digester 1.4.1] <set-next-rule /> question
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 22:52:44 GMT
Hi Martin,

You should be able to get the effect you want by moving the
set-next-rule to *before* the call-method-rule.

A rule can perform operations when:
(a) the start of a tag is encountered [begin method on Rule], or
(b) when the end of a tag is encountered [end method on Rule].

The begin() method of different rules are invoked in the order that the
rules are defined; the end() methods are invoked in the reverse order.
This is necessary because rules are manipulating a stack. 


 RuleA declared for pattern "a/b"
 RuleB declared for pattern "a/b"

 when a/b is matched, methods are invoked as follows:

SetNextRule rules do nothing on begin, and invoke the target method on
the parent object on the stack when end() is called.

CallMethodRules also do nothing on begin and invoke the target method on

So if you declare a CallMethodRule followed by SetNextRule, you get:
  CallMethodRule.begin() --> does nothing
  SetNextRule.begin() --> does nothing
  SetNextRule.end() --> invokes method on parent
  CallMethodRule.end() --> invokes method on top object

but if you declare a SetNextRule followed by a CallMethodRule, you
should get what you want.

Yes, it is a little odd, but calling the end() methods of rules in the
same order as they were declared (rather than reverse order) would stuff
up the stack for any rule which pushes/pops objects on the stack, like

Hope this helps,



On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 02:45, wrote:
> It appears that the method (defined in set-next-rule) is called immediately
> after the object (defined in object-create-rule) is instantiated.  This
> means setLSID is called after setMarker.  Don't know why.  I agree that it
> seems logical the setMarker should be called after all of the methods,
> attribute setters, etc are called.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Martin Leboeuf []
> Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 8:40 AM
> To: commons-user
> Subject: [Digester 1.4.1] <set-next-rule /> question
> Hi !
> I am using Digester 1.4.1 to parse xml documents. I am defining my rules 
> in an xml document instead of programmatically. Based on my 
> understanding of the documentation, the method defined in the 
> <set-next-rule> element is typically used to insert a completed bean 
> into its parent. Therefore, it should be called when the bean is 
> completed i.e. when other method calls defined on that bean have been 
> performed. Here is an excerpt of my xml rules file:
>    <pattern value="batch">
>      <object-create-rule classname="my.package.xml.XMLMarker"/>
>      <pattern value="snps/snp">
>        <object-create-rule classname="my.package.Marker"/>
>        <call-method-rule methodname="setLSID" paramcount="1"/>
>        <call-param-rule attrname="lsid" paramnumber="0"/>
>        <set-next-rule methodname="setMarker"/>
> When the setMarker method is called on the XMLMarker object, the setLSID 
> method has not yet been called on the Marker object. As I just 
> explained, my expectation was that it would have been. What am I 
> missing/misunderstanding?
> Thanks,
> Martin.
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