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From Adrian Sutton <>
Subject RE: [httpclient] How to determine if connection is alive?
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:10:52 GMT
Hi Kenny,
I think you're in for a world of hurt. :)  The main reason I say this is
because Java doesn't provide any method to determine if a connection is
still open (even the 1.4 method isOpen doesn't work if the remote server
closes the connection due to time out).  The isAlive() method in
HttpConnection suffers the same problem.

Now, if apache requests that the connection is closed immediately, it will
return a "Connection: close" header which you can retrieve via the
getResponseHeader method on the HttpMethod you executed.  You might also run
into a Proxy-Connection: close header.  Take a look at the source for the
HttpMethodBase.shouldCloseConnection() method to be sure you get all the
possible conditions (I'd be tempted to either just copy the method and tweak
it a little or extend whichever actual HttpMethod implementation your using
to make it public).

The above solution is rather hackish, but should get you going anyway.


Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
Ephox Corporation

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenny Smith []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 March 2003 5:13 AM
Subject: [httpclient] How to determine if connection is alive?


I'm currently using 2.0a1 (I can't upgrade to the current release yet 
for production reasons) and I'm using Keep-Alive connections. I would 
like to find out if my connection is still alive, but I can't find any 
way to determine that. I've found the isAlive() method in HttpConnection 
object, but I can't find anyway to get an instance of the HttpConnection 

My overall goal: We are testing an application where apache will have 
Keep-Alives turned off. My testing app will use HttpClient to try to 
create a Keep-Alive connection and hold it open as long as possible. In 
the previous version, the thread making the request would just sleep for 
x number of seconds, but I want the code to move ahead and make the next 
request if apache forces the connection closed (i.e. correctly stops the 
Keep-Alive) so simply sleeping x number of seconds blindly doesn't work 
for me.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Kenny Smith

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