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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] [define]
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 17:49:29 GMT
 From: <>
> Is there some way for a defined tag to check/get the content of it's body?
> let's say I have a tag defined:
>     <define:tag name="exec">
>        <exec dir="." executable="${maven.ssh.executable}">
>          <arg line="${maven.repo.central} -l ${maven.username}
> '${command}'"/>
>        </exec>
>     </define:tag>
> Which I'd like to get ${command} from the tag body the user provides, or
> the attribute, in that order, e.g. support:
> <tag:exec>
> text/other jelly stuff here
> </tag:exec>
> or
> <tag:exec command="asdasd" />

To invoke the tags body from inside a dynamic tag use <define:invokeBody/>

If you wish to capture the output of the body as a variable and then pass it
into some other tag/bean/method then try something like this (warning - this
is untested, am just typing it straight into an email client which doesn't
yet have Jelly support :)

    <define:tag name="exec">
        <!-- allow either command attribute or use body of exec tag -->
        <j:if test="${empty(command)}">
            <j:set var="command"><define:invokeBody/></j:set>

       <exec dir="." executable="${maven.ssh.executable}">
         <arg line="${maven.repo.central} -l ${maven.username}


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