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From Todd Jonker <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Functional Jelly Redux, was Re: Jelly and X++
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:25:51 GMT
On 2/12/03 11:23 AM, wrote:

> All my Lisp friends couldn't deny it: an Iterator is not doable in a
> functional language. They don't seem to be missing it but I would
> terribly.

You can't do iterators, but you can do other things that work just as well.

> Do you really intend to make variables immutable in Jelly ?

NO!  I never suggested any such thing.  I only got into the whole theory and
background of functional languages because somebody asked me to explain it
more thoroughly.

All I am really advocating at this point is that tags and scripts, when
evaluated, return a value.  I just want to make it easier to write
functional-style tag libraries, if that's what the author wants.  See the
earlier thread for details.

I have absolutely no desire to change Jelly into a purely functional system.
That would pretty much negate it's entire purpose.


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