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From Paul Smith <>
Subject RE: [Digester]: Primitives & Object create rules help
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:10:49 GMT
Thanks Robert,

> here's an (untested) Rule that should create a Long and push 
> it onto the 
> stack. (you'll need to add a setNextRule so that the long 
> gets added to 
> your collection.)

I'll give it a go!

> primitive conversion rules for this situation might be good 
> additions to 
> digester - possibly using ConvertUtils to provide custom conversions. 
> anyone fancy giving them a go?

If I get a chance, and if you'd like it,I'll look over ConvertUtils code and
perhaps come up with a set of Rule classes based on your example and post
them to the list for review/modification/inclusion.

cheers, and thanks again,

Paul Smith

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