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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] restrict use of tag libraries
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 22:17:48 GMT

Le Lundi, 3 févr 2003, à 22:51 Europe/Berlin, Christian Sell a écrit :

> I mean that writing <element1 xmlns="com.yadda.Yadda">
> *will* go through, but writing
> <element1 xmlns="com.yadda.Yadda" xmlns:y="core">
> will *not* go through. In fact, what I really want is to make sure 
> that there is no scripting from other taglibs between my element1 and 
> element2 - the namespaces are not really the problem.

Huh ? I am not even sure there is a single way, within the XML 
specification world to prevent this. Maybe SAX LexicalHandler can 
provide you such information but I do not think Jelly does or makes use 
of it (James?). Your second case is doing nothing but declaring a 
namespace-prefix, I do not think there is a difference to element1 
according to the XML specifications.
If you use the prefix y in an element then the tag-library will use it.

>> James mentionned, or some other (e.g. forcing a SAX filter between 
>> the parser and the jelly document-handler).
> I still dont see what role a "schema" would play here

A Schema is like a DTD. Several parsers are validating in the sense 
that they can have a switch activated that will stop parsing and 
complain errors (at least they will call an "error handler") if the 
tree-structure of elements does not match the Schema or DTD. You would 
have to generate such a schema which is not that easy.


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