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From Kenny Smith <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] How to post data without a parameter name?
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 23:10:10 GMT
Hi Adrian,

Well, I can't just roll the APIs back because it appears my build is 
highly incompatible with 2.0a2 (there are 6 packages in a2 and only 3 
packages in my 2.0 version.

So far, my 2.0 version has been really stable, so I'll probably wait to 
upgrade. I dislike using alpha APIs, tracking a CVS repository for 
production code just doesn't work.

Thanks for all the input!
Kenny Smith

Adrian Sutton wrote:

> I'd tend to recommend going to 2.0a2 if you're already using a 2.0 build
> anyway.  The life cycle of HttpClient has basically been:
> 1.0 version came straight from Slide and was stable.
> Developers went nuts changing improving, adding functionality and as a
> result things got unstable.
> Then the developers started to concentrate on fixing things up and
> HttpClient has become more and more stable.  2.0a2 (or better the
> soon-to-be-released a3) is much more stable than the early 2.0 builds.
> So basically, unless you're going into production soon and the current
> version has been tested to work well for you, upgrade to 2.0a2 (and a3 
> when
> it comes out) and concentrate on testing it.  You can always roll back if
> need be.
> Hope that helps,
> Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
> Ephox Corporation
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> From: Kenny Smith []
> Sent: Thursday, 20 February 2003 6:52 AM
> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> Subject: Re: [httpclient] How to post data without a parameter name?
> Hi Matt,
> Hmm... the version I have locally is labelled 2.0, but the docs and
> classes in it are vastly smaller than what's on the website. :/ How
> stable is 2.0a2?
> I just figured out that I can use HttpMethod's setQueryString() and it
> will do what I want, but I'd rather use the newer API.
> Kenny
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