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From Christian Sell <>
Subject Re: [JXPath] evaluating expression on a given node
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:24:28 GMT
Dmitri Plotnikov wrote:
> Christian,
> Let me see if I understand your requirement correctly.
> You are reading an XML stream and building a custom data tree.  After
> you have built a node of the tree you need to check if it meets some
> condition.  If this is in fact what you are doing, JXPath should work
> fine for you.

that sounds like a good descriptions of my problem, indeeed

> If the node is added to the tree before the condition is checked and
> you know exactly where in the tree the new node is, you could get away
> with one JXPathContext, e.g.:
>    Boolean success = (Boolean)context.
>       getValue("string-length(/employees[4]/addresses[2]/zipCode) =
> 5");

that is not feasible, as I want to be able to evaluate for an arbitrary 
node inside the tree, and I cannot control the expression being provided.

> Otherwise you would have to create a new JXPathContext for each node:
>    JXPathContext context = JXPathContext.newContext(node);
>    Boolean success = (Boolean)context.
>       getValue("string-length(street) <= 50");
> In the latter case, especially if you need custom extension functions,
> you might want to create a reusable base context. See

I am not getting this. Why would I create new contexts, and where would 
I keep them? What context do I hand the expression to?

Let me try to explain my issue once again:

I have an expression that is provided externally (by the user), which 
states, for example "every 'book' node which has a 'category' child node 
containing the text 'fiction'  shall be colored in red". Now, while I am 
processing the XML document, I want to determine for each node whether 
it meets the condition.

More conditions:

- the data tree objects do not conform to the JavaBean spec. I have to 
use custom code to determine their properties
- I dont want to parse the XML document or the XPath expression more 
than once.


BTW, any hints on how to build JXPath from cvs? I am getting lots of 
test failures, and maven.log is full of error messages about invalid 
uses of Jelly tags.

> I hope this helps.
> - Dmitri
> --- Christian Sell <> wrote:
>>I am intending to use XPath from inside an SAX DefaultHandler by 
>>determining whether the current node conforms to a given expression.
>>this point I have the node tree available in an application-specific 
>>format which is built during parsing.
>>at first glance it seems to me that to do this I would have to delve 
>>rather deep into the evaluation mechanism and adapt it to my purpose.
>>Does anyone have hints that may help me towards my purpose? Is JXPath
>>the right tool, or is there some other plaxe I should look to?
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