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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Jelly and X++
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:15:59 GMT
Can you briefly clarify "Functional Model" (even with just a link to 
somewhere else) since it can be easily confused with other definitions 
of functional programming?


Todd Jonker wrote:

>James, please be careful when you use phrases like this:
>On 2/8/03 10:53 AM, wrote:
>>Jelly on the other hand is more of a modular and general tool for turning
>>XML into some kind of scripts - so I guess its a tool for making functional
>>XML languages.
>Jelly, at least in the mid-December snapshot with which I've been working,
>is by no means a functional programming model.  I tried to start a thread
>back then about the small changes that would enable true functional
>programming, but it died from lack of enthusiasm (and I got too busy to
>pursue it).
>Personally, I'd love to see Jelly present a functional model, since I think
>it would make many things much easier to program (from the perspective of
>the TagLibrary builder).
>Anyway, I'm asking that you be careful saying "functional" because
>semantics-and-compilers geeks like me will take that to mean something very
>specific that is unfortunately not accurate.
>BTW I'd be happy to re-open the functional-model discussion, now that I have
>a few more cycles to spare.

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