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From Erik Price <>
Subject [Validator] Getting started
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 19:12:51 GMT
I have been working on a Tomcat-based webapp and have heard that the 
Validator classes are a good way to cut back on some of the tediousity 
involved in validating user data.  Since there are a number of forms in 
my webapp, I thought that it would be worth checking out, but I have 
some questions:

1. The dependency list on the site lists 7 different dependencies.  Do I 
really need to have all of those in order to use Validator, or are some 
optional?  I have somewhat limited space and would have to ask my 
sysadmin to install some of these libraries into the common areas on my 
behalf.  (It is a Gentoo Linux box.  I hope that these dependencies are 
available as packages for that distribution.)

2. I haven't used the code yet, only read through some of the API.  Does 
it only work on JavaBeans?  (Not a problem in my webapp but I'm just 

I thought I had other questions, but that seems to be it for now.  TIA!


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