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From Pat <>
Subject [betwixt] How to get mixed-content of element?
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 21:06:41 GMT

I've searched the mailing list for this one and maybe I'm missing something
very obvious, but - is it possible to get the text of mixed element content 
with betwixt?


    This is text...

In this case I'll have a class for Foo and bar will be mapped to a String
property of Foo.  But what happens to the text?

Off topic - I am very happy with Betwixt so far (just started playing with it)
and I have high hopes that it will eliminate the need for maintaining my own
tool (based on the SAXModelBuilder example from my book).

Pat Niemeyer
Author of Learning Java, O'Reilly & Associates and the BeanShell scripting

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