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From Erik Jensen <>
Subject Re: StringBuffer pools and why not to use them
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:04:02 GMT
--- Chris Duprat <>
> Wasting of time. You shouldn't have the idea of
> implementing a pool for such
> objects because of their high availability. By
> adding another level you just
> reach the performance issue which is critical for
> that kind of objects.
> You're an Idiot ;-)

I just wanted to say, that wasn't too professional on
your part Chris. Perhaps you should work on your
social skills a bit. Pooling objects can be quite
useful and provide better performance in many
situations. Exploring many times is the best way to
learn and gain knowledge, unless of course you are one
of those people who just "know it all". I found it to
be quite interesting expirament, and never really
considered trying it.

Erik Jensen

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