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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [Net] plans for ssh
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 23:06:34 GMT
> > In message <>, Michael Wechner writes:
> > >are there any plans to support "ssh" within the commons-net package?
> > 
> > Not that I know of at the moment.  Still, if there is demand for an
> > ssh client protocol implementation in Java distributed under the ASL,
> There is...

There is from me too. 

I do ecommerce stuff in java. I am looking forward to using apache Net
project (thanks, guys) but will need to support scp/sftp/https soon too.
And at fairly high volumes/high-reliability, so executing external
processes & trying to do good error handling based upon the process exit
codes - ecch!

Of course I recognise that no-one has to implement it just because I
need it :-)

> Isn't there one that's part of Eclipse, as well?

Good suggestion, Dion. Hope you're right...



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