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From Adrian Sutton <>
Subject RE: [httpclient] one pakcet per HTTP header?
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 00:51:52 GMT
Hi Nakagome,
I think the big question in my mind, is why are you concerned about this?
To my knowledge there is no code in HttpClient that enforces this and that
it is just a result of the way Sun's URLConnection is written (HttpClient
provides Http message on top of Sun's TCP/IP networking code).

Generally, sending one packet per header sounds like a good idea anyway,
since that is how the server will process the data anyway and it happens to
match the way the data is generated in HttpClient (a header value is found,
a header line created for it and the line is sent to the connection).

That probably doesn't help much but I think you're getting concerned about
things at way too low a level.  By the time you need to start optimising
packet sizes on a network, you probably should just be upgrading the

Adrian Sutton, Software Engineer
Ephox Corporation

-----Original Message-----
From: Nakagome Tomoyuki []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 February 2003 10:44 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: RE: [httpclient] one pakcet per HTTP header?

Looks like my previous mail was garbled. trying again.
 I just started to use HttpClient suite, trying to replace
the Java standard HttpURLConnection. When I snooped network
on Solaris 8 to see how my program behaved, I found that HttpClient
(or some underlying codes maybe?) sent out one packet
per HTTP header line in one HTTP request. Is this by design?
Is there a switch to change this behavior to reduce the number
of packets? If not, could someone recommend any other
alternatives to HttpURLConnection? Thanks for your help.

Nakagome Tomoyuki

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