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Subject Re: [jelly] Status of sources?
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 03:13:19 GMT
Todd Jonker <> wrote on 16/01/2003 03:21:45 AM:

> Hey,
> I'm attempting to make some patches to the Jelly sources.  Seeding from 
> list (and CVS) that the tree is under some huge refactoring, I first
> attempted to make changes to my existing CVS sources from 12/10.  This 
> built fine on 12/10 but now fails tests (in TestJettyHttpServerTags) so 
> don't know how to build the Jar.

Which tests fail? I'm ok on Jelly proper.

> So I got a fresh copy of the sources, and needless to say tests fail 
> too.
> Is there any way to build Jelly at the moment?  Is there a 
> CVS tag before the refactorings started?  I need to make some minor 
> to JellySwing (to allow ActionTag to be nested inside things beside
> ComponentTag).

Are you using the jelly-tags/swing directory to do your build?

> PS: It would be really nice if Jelly's README.txt file indicated the 
> maven targets.  Running maven -g generates a list that is far too long 
to be
> helpful to those of us who use maven only peripherally.

Yep, it would be good. I use:

maven clean jar

a lot.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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