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From "Steve Pannier" <>
Subject Re: [JXPath] Problem with maps and variables
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 16:45:14 GMT


Thanks for the reply.  This explains a lot of what we've been seeing.
I tried your suggestion #2 (use "$map/dataMap/Foo/Count[1]" as the
predicate) with my test program and it works.

Unfortunately, the data in our application is customized so that all value
objects within the map are wrapped inside a custom class.  So using
$map/dataMap/Foo/Count[1] for the predicate will still fail to give the
desired results, since the Integer object it represents is wrapped in
another class.  (This custom way of storing our data in maps was an
area of concern for us when we started using XPath.)  And, unfortunately,
your suggestion #1 (put a number in the map instead of the list) is not
an option.

I'll have to chew on this for awhile.  I'm not sure what we can do, other
than pre-parse the expression and replace "predicates" with their true
integer values before evaluating the expression itself.

Thanks again for clearing this up.

Steve Pannier
Jacada, Inc.
(763) 201-0002 Ext. 219

> Steve,
> The explanation for the seemingly inconsistent behavior of JXPath is
> quite simple.
> The value for the key "Count" in your example is not really an integer,
> but a list containing an integer.  That makes a difference.  According
> to the XPath specification, the predicate (the expression in brackets)
> is used differently for different types.  If the value of the
> expression is a number, it is used as an index.  If it is not a number,
> it is converted to a boolean.  The nodes for which it evaluates to true
> are included in the resulting collection. In our case the value of the
> expression is a non-empty list, so it evaluates to true for every
> element of the collection. This is why every element is included in the
> resulting list.
> There are two solutions to the problem:
> 1. Put a number in the map, instead of a list
> 2. Change the xpath like this:
> "$map/dataMap/Foo/Bar[$map/dataMap/Foo/Count[1]]".
> I hope this helps.
> - Dmitri

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