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From "Takeshi L Toyohara" <>
Subject commons dbcp - random exhausted resultsets
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:21:37 GMT
hey all,

just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with getting the ol
SQLException: Exhausted ResultSet, even though i have a while(

running tomcat4 (4.0 and 4.1)
oracle 9i
using the commons dbcp as the connection pool as described in the tomcat
conn pool FAQ (oracle 9i thin driver)

here's the code snippet thats barfing. there is not a pattern to how many
times through the while loop it goes before it fails and spits up the
SQLException. anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

some more info: i printed out the value of and its "true" right
before i get the Exhausted ResultSet exception.  fairly interesting...

thanks in advance

rs = DBU.executeQuery(SQL, args);

while (
currIntID = rs.getString(1);  // this statement throws an exception after
                              // times through the while() loop


Takeshi L Toyohara
Cauldron Solutions
Solutions Developer
212.696.1600x20 (office)
212.696.2336 (fax)

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