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From "Ryan Vanderwerf" <>
Subject messenger: running on caucho resin
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 22:20:22 GMT
Hi, I'm a newbie to the messenger sandbox project, and had a couple
questions on getting it running with Cacho Resin 2.1.6. I'm running the
latest OpenJMS server, running with the default queue in rmi_jms.xml and
the pre-packaged Messenger.xml that comes with messenger for OpenJMS.


My problem is when I start the managerServlet everything seems to run
fine except for an NotSerializable error I get on startup - this is the
debug info it spits out:


[2003-01-08 16:05:32,739] DEBUG [main] [digester.Digester]

/messenger} Call

apache.commons.messenger.DefaultMessenger@7fc686 session:

: Failed to lookup: JmsTopicConnectionFactory using JNDI.

eption: error marshalling arguments; nested exception is:
com.caucho.util.ClassLoaderLocal [Root

 exception is java.rmi.MarshalException: error marshalling arguments;
nested exc

eption is:




Does anyone that uses messenger lead me in the right direction? It looks
like a very slick app, in the past I've had to write all the connection
management stuff for JMS manually which was plenty of work - messenger
seems to take care of all that. I'm just wondering what I am missing
here, or if it just doesn't work on resin (I don't see why it wouldn't)
especially if I am using the build in JNDI server in OpenJMS.





More debug info that it spat out attached:




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