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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] value-of ??
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 01:03:44 GMT
Le samedi, 18 jan 2003, à 22:33 Europe/Berlin, Paul Libbrecht a écrit :
> Unfortunately, it does not work. Even the following outputs nothing:
> <x:parse var="blop"><a><b></b></a></x:parse>
> <x:copyOf select="$blop/*"/>

Real apologies.
It does output. It was all a question of updating the whole shebang 
(maven and jelly... and go along the tag libraries...).

And James' suggestion was working. Something similar to:

> <x:parse var="doc">
		<j:forEach var="file" items="${fileList.iterator()}">
			<log:info>Going around ${file.toURL()}</log:info>
			<aFileContainer href="${file.toURL().toExternalForm()}">
				<j:include uri="${file.toURL().toExternalForm()}"/>
				</aFileContainer >
		</root >
> <x:transform xslt="foo.xsl">
>   <!-- stream the result nodes as SAX events into XSLT -->
>   <x:copyOf select="$doc"/>
> </x:transform>

Performs well at merging documents and applyin my transformation on the 

I encountered two issues there:
-> how to know the script-file-name, is it a variable ?
-> the (currently used in jelly's maven-imported) DOM4j outputter is 
broken, it forgets the namespace declarations closing-quote.


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