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From Todd Jonker <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Status of sources?
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:19:25 GMT
James, thanks for updating the README.  However...

[jelly]$ cvs -q up -dP
? src/test/org/apache/commons/jelly/jetty/JellyLogFileTest.log
? src/test/org/apache/commons/jelly/jetty/jetty.log
[jelly]$ maven clean jar
 __  __
|  \/  |__ Jakarta _ ___
| |\/| / _` \ V / -_) ' \  ~ intelligent projects ~
|_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|   v. 1.0-beta-7


[ERROR] Goal "jar" does not exist in this project.
Total time:  28 seconds

Using java:jar does work, although it appears that it's only building the
core Jelly library.

Despite my need for still more help, I must cheer this refactoring effort.
I've gotten extremely concerned about Jelly's resource usage (it seems to
take too long to get going) and about tight coupling between the tag
libraries.  In other words, I've been worried that Jelly is pulling in tons
of classes for Tags and Tag Libraries that are not being used.

It would make me even happier if the TagLib docs were broken down into
several smaller pages, instead of one massive page.  :-)



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