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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] value-of ??
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:33:50 GMT

Le vendredi, 17 jan 2003, à 20:03 Europe/Berlin, James Strachan a écrit 
> Or we could do this instead right now I think, which is similar...
> <x:parse var="doc" xml="foo.xml"|/>
> <x:transform xslt="foo.xsl">
>   <!-- stream the result nodes as SAX events into XSLT -->
>   <x:copyOf select="$doc//foo[@bar='abc']"/>
> </x:transform>

That is exactly what I was suggesting when requesting something like an 

Unfortunately, it does not work. Even the following outputs nothing:

<x:parse var="blop"><a><b></b></a></x:parse>
<x:copyOf select="$blop/*"/>
Is this expected to work ? Then I'd really give it a chance, it's 
exactly what I would need.

I have two reasons to doubt it is expected to work, mostly due to my 

- isn't the parse's body actually parsed at script-load-time ? i.e. 
much before any doTag is called ?
- isn't copyOf actually supposed to pipe its things into >>output<< ie 
not into the script ?? It means being a child content or being fed to 
output is completely different. Is the <x:transform>, when invoked on 
its body, expected to transform the output of its child content ?? 
(that would be the most sensible approach, it would allow you to have 
other things in there... like for loops or... another transform 

Or maybe my whole little doubt is a personal misunderstanding mostly 
due to the fact that documentation says that <x:transform> can be 
applied on its body but is actually applied on >>the output of its 
body<< (which is the same when feeding non-script tags but not at all 
In this case, my apologies.


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