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From Francois Swiegers <FSwieg...@RUBICO.COM>
Subject [JXPath] Accessing and setting multidimensional arrays
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 08:31:46 GMT
How do you access and modify properties that are multidimensional arrays
using JXPath?

Here is my bean:

public Person {
public int[][] getMatrix();
public void setMatrix(int[][] matrix);

To access the value of an element [x,y] in the array, I use:


This works fine, but is there a better way of doing it?

How can I set the value of element in the Bean?

ctx.setValue("person/matrix[x]/.[y]", "10");


     [java] org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathException: Exception trying to
set value with xpath person/matrix[4]/.[1]; Cannot setValue of an object
that is not some other object's property
     [java] 	at
     [java] 	at

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Francois Swiegers
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