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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly][jexl] Re: NumberFormat exception when building iterator ?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:55:57 GMT
Well the test case was there... but as someone (Martin Cooper, or Dion) 
pointed out, the "-" in the variable name "blop-cut" mistook Jexl... 
and that is perfectly understandable... it tries to convert blop (i.e. 
the string "the value of blop") and cut (which is undefined) to numbers 
so as to perform the minus operation. This is in-line with Java way of 


Here's the case again (without expects... sorry... have never written a 
jellyUnit yet):

<j:set var="blop" value="the value of blop"/>
  <util:tokenize var="blop-cut" delim=" ">${blop}</util:tokenize>
  <j:forEach items="${blop-cut}" var="token">
  <log:info>Found word "${token}"</log:info>

Le Mardi, 28 janv 2003, à 14:39 Europe/Berlin, James Strachan a écrit :

> Is this still an issue for you? I can investigate further if you like.
> Providing a patch to a JellyUnit test case that demonstrates the issue 
> would
> help enormously.

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