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From Thomas Nichols <>
Subject [jelly] Refactoring weirdness
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:49:59 GMT

The current refactoring is causing me some head-scratching - am I doing 
something wrong? I'm trying to use BeanTagLibrary (thanks to Christian et 
al for pointers) and all was progressing well - except for some peculiar 
warnings when running the test suite
-- from memory, [WARN] messages that Customer bean was not being added to a 

After a cvs up -Pd (and some disk thrashing) I no longer have access to 
BeanTagLibrary - it seems it's now in a separate jar (excellent) which I am 
unable to build (less excellent).

I can build CVS HEAD fine from the jelly dir with
cvs up -Pd
maven clean:clean
maven java:jar

But building the Bean jar breaks for me. I tried
cd [jellydir]/jelly-tags/bean
maven java:compile

which breaks with


(No such file or directory)

Running 'ant' in this dir downloads a bunch of support jars, then throws a 
compiler error (Uncaught exception, which looks 
very odd to me, the exception handling looks OK.

I've also tried maven tags-build without success.

What else can I try? BeanTags are exactly what I was looking for, is Jelly 
in such a state of flux that I should hold off developing to it until the 
API is more stable, or am I doing something very wrong? Would I be better 
with a binary distro until the refactoring is complete?


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