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From Xserty <>
Subject Commmons-DBCP lame questions :)
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 17:43:55 GMT
Hi all!
	I'm new to connection pooling so searched on the net for useful info,
and the Jakarta project Commmons-DBCP seem's to be made for my case.
JDK 1.4 also offers connection pooling support, but which features make
Commmons-DBCP the best option?
I need three pools of different type of connections, and I'm using Tomcat as
application server.
Which implementation is best to use: JOCL property file (BTW, has this been
replaced by Digester already?), or JNDI lookup (I've read that JNDI might be
very slow)?
Finally, what's the difference between PoolingDataSource and PoolinDriver?
And can I use PoolingDataSource with JOCL?
Hope I haven't annoyed you much! ;)
All the best,

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