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From "Howard Miller">
Subject Vague Digester Question
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 10:28:20 GMT

This might be a little off topic... sorry in advance

I have an application that (using struts) displays a series of simple forms
in a web application. The forms are defined using an xml file parsed by Digester.
It looks like

     ... stuff for this page..
     .. stuff for the next page
     .. and so on

this works fine. But things have got more complex and I now need to be able
to put tests around the pages and possibly within the pages. This will be arbitrary.
so for example..

  <test condition="..">
    ...some fixed stuff...
    <test condition="...">
      ...conditional part of page

this seems a whole different ball game! I'm really asking if Digester is up
to the job as the "paths" are now very unpredictable. I have had a look at using
straight DOM, but this is going to be a nightmare to develop the tree-walking

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Howard Miller

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