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From Christian Sell <>
Subject Re: [jelly] question
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 00:07:37 GMT
James Strachan wrote:
> From: "Christian Sell" <>
>>erm.. what do you want me to do with that? The test case does not seem 
>>to work properly, as it does not flag an error, yet the behavior I have 
>>demonstrated does not make sense at all.
> We should be able to add your test case to it, to prove there's a problem.
>>and I am still left with the question: "how do I output a line of text 
>>with a carriage return, with no prefix, no external whitespaces, and 
>>without having to reconfigure some logging framework."
> <j:whitespace>
>         as much
> whitespace
>         as
>     you 
>     like </j:whitespace>

I think Jelly has a little paradigm problem, which I am picking up here.

At first I was wondering why the output from <log> tags and from tag 
content seemed to be randomly interspersed, ignoring the sequence in 
which they appear in the script. Then I realized, that they were indeed 
different streams - <log> writes to wherever it is configured, and tag 
content goes to xmlOutput. Both are flushed completely independently. 
This is something that needs to be made clear to the user, otherwise it 
can be rather confusing. They must be kept apart, as they are completely 
different things.

It seems Jelly has 2 personalities - plain scripting language vs. XML 
processing language.

So, now again - here is what I want:

output a single line of text TO THE CONSOLE and NOT to the XML stream 
(maybe either one or both as an option?), with a terminating carriage 
return, and without "[INFO] InfoTag adada - - " prefix.

BTW, why is there always the tagname in the Log prefix as below:

[INFO] InfoTag - -  <my logging text here>


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