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From Morgan Delagrange <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Refactoring weirdness
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 07:43:33 GMT

--- Thomas Nichols <> wrote:
> At 15:32 28/01/03 -0800, Morgan Delagrange wrote:


> >Here's another script you can try from the jelly
> >directory, which will build Jelly, bean, and its
> >dependencies from HEAD from scratch.  (Let me know
> if
> >it works.  :)
> >
> >   cd jelly
> >   ant -f build-all.xml clean-skiplib jar-bean
> Took half an hour - appeared to be in a dependency
> loop where it keeps 
> executing the [get-deps] target and downloading all
> the jars from ibiblio, 
> did this 3 times. 

Yeah, it will do that once for jelly and once for each
taglib it tries to build, but as long as you run
clean-skiplib rather than clean, it won't download
those libraries again.  If you continue to use the ant
script, you should probably run clean once in a while
to remove out any old, unused jars that may
accumulate.  If you want to build jelly and ALL the
taglibs, just run:

  ant -f build-all.xml clean-skiplib jar

Again, the first build is painfully slow, but
subsequent builds are snappier.

> Some [ERROR] messages re
> XMLParser, but it runs to BUILD 
> SUCCESSFUL and builds
> jelly/target/commons-jelly-1.0-beta-4-SNAPSHOT.jar
> which I guess is a success? Will test tomorrow.

Most likely it's no problem.  Some of our unit tests
confirm that when Jelly has XML validation turned on,
the parse will fail on invalid documents.  We catch
the exception, but the XML parser also prints out a
warning to STDOUT that we can't capture with JUnit. 
It's annoying but normal and no cause for concern.

> >or you can try editing your maven environment to
> build
> >everything from scratch, if you prefer using Maven.
> The Ant approach is fine for now - thanks.
> >I
> >think (don't quote me on this) that you would need
> to:
> >
> >   cd jelly
> >   maven clean jar:install-snapshot
> >   <edit maven.xml to use the jar:install-snapshot
> >target for tags-build>
> >   maven tags-build
> >
> >That build will actually build ALL the tags, rather
> >than just bean and its dependencies.
> >
> >- Morgan
> Thanks a lot for your help, I  now have *two*
> versions of the relevant 
> jars. Much appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas.

If two sources of the jars prove insufficient, GUMP
does run three times a day.  ;)

- Morgan

Morgan Delagrange

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