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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Running Jelly:SWT's withouth creating a new shell?
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:43:39 GMT
From: "Dag √ėyvind Liodden" <>
> > > I'm working on a JMX-console for JBoss and am looking into using
> Jelly:Swt
> > > for scripting custom configurators for each MBean.
> >
> > Cool!
> I think so too. In my opinion, this represents a serious gap in JBoss that
> need to be filled. JBoss's JMX kernel is cool, but as long as you only
> the default MBean view of it's MBeans, it's neither functional nor
> good-looking. My effort is to make a highly configurable JMX console that
> let's you bind jelly:swt-scripts to specific JMX domains or ObjectNames
> customize it's appearance. E.g, the JCA-components should be easier to
> and modify by presenting them i a standard-looking
> panel instead of just listing it's attributes in a table. Although before
> real deployment, these settings will be set in the deployment-descriptors,
> it will be easier to tweak settings etc without having to modify them.
> most other App servers have this kind of functionality which make them
> attractive to beginners. Also, custom scripting of gui's for certains
> aspects of a deployed application makes it easier for the end-user (often
> non-application-server-and-jmx-aware-person) to inspect the status various
> components in a deployment.
> Scripting this user-interface makes it less cumbersome to develop and
> (and the performance hit isn't really an issue).

Sounds excellent. I've wanted something like this for a while; a general
purpose pluggable management UI. Neat.

> > This was an oversight - I've just patched the SWT tags in CVS so that a
> > parent (shell or Container) can now be specified in an attribute.
> >
> > e.g.
> >
> > <tree parent="${someShell}">
> >     ...
> > </tree>
> Works great! I'd like to see another feature, though. :) It would be nice
> be able to set a default value for the style-property of a tag. Buttons,
> example, always appear without a border around them if you don't specify
> (I know, this is SWT's implementation). Is it possible to do something
> <j:set-default tag="Button" style="border"/>

I'm wondering if there's a global set of styles that we could attach for
each tag - e.g. that all buttons would by default use "border" as the style.
To put that another way, do you think if all buttons defaulted to, say,
border, that you'd still need a <set-default> tag?


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