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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] taglib implementation questions
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:00:25 GMT
From: "Christian Sell" <>
> I've got to have a final stab at this (no, it isn't that I always have
> to have the last word. Just this time..)


> > (i) reusing the bean library as is with <beandef>
> > (ii) deriving from BeanTagLibrary to register new beans
> > (iii) creating a brand new tag library (and reusing the bean library for
> > nested properties)
> > (iv) creating a brand new library and reusing BeanTag and
> >
> > Take your pick they all achieve about the same thing.
> >
> > Downsides of (i) and (ii) is that <beandef> is visible in the XML, which
> > some folks might not want. Downsides of (iii) is that it requires 2
> > namespaces.
> I think mixing namespaces is what Jelly is all about, in a sense.. Whats
> bad about the beandef?

Nothing at all.

> In fact a useBean would do as well, wouldn't it?
> <useBean xmlns="jelly:core" xmlns:bean="jelly:bean" var="c1"
> class="org.dada.Customer">
>     <bean:order>
>          <bean:product/>
>      </bean:order>
> </useBean>


The point I was trying to get across with (iii) was that sometimes folks
might want to create a complete beanified library without requiring 2
namespaces (one for the beans and one for the nested properties).

e.g. just for sake of argument, if we were using Jelly to implement the
commons-sql project and to parse its XML language into beans, it'd be nice
to hide the <beandef> and to use a single namespace (or even no namespace).


We're agreeing I think. It just depends on what you need as to what approach
to take. For example I do like being able to use the bean library with
<beandef> or <useBean> as you demonstrate, to construct and configure beans
inside Jelly.

> > Downside of (ii) and (iv) is a dependency on the bean tag
> > library implementation. Additional downside of (iv) is that the
> > implementation is a bit more code (which through some refactoring of
> > BeanTagLibrary could be avoided).
> Personally I always try to avoid depending on anything else than core
> functionality. For example, use standard Java collections if at all
> possible before moving to something like commons-collections.
> Thats why I like (iii) (that had to be said, of course).

Thats fine.


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