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From Dag √ėyvind Liodden <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Running Jelly:SWT's withouth creating a new shell?
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 16:13:01 GMT
> > I'm working on a JMX-console for JBoss and am looking into using
> > for scripting custom configurators for each MBean.
> Cool!

I think so too. In my opinion, this represents a serious gap in JBoss that
need to be filled. JBoss's JMX kernel is cool, but as long as you only have
the default MBean view of it's MBeans, it's neither functional nor
good-looking. My effort is to make a highly configurable JMX console that
let's you bind jelly:swt-scripts to specific JMX domains or ObjectNames and
customize it's appearance. E.g, the JCA-components should be easier to view
and modify by presenting them i a standard-looking Datasource-configuration
panel instead of just listing it's attributes in a table. Although before a
real deployment, these settings will be set in the deployment-descriptors,
it will be easier to tweak settings etc without having to modify them. Also,
most other App servers have this kind of functionality which make them
attractive to beginners. Also, custom scripting of gui's for certains
aspects of a deployed application makes it easier for the end-user (often a
non-application-server-and-jmx-aware-person) to inspect the status various
components in a deployment.

Scripting this user-interface makes it less cumbersome to develop and deploy
(and the performance hit isn't really an issue).

> This was an oversight - I've just patched the SWT tags in CVS so that a
> parent (shell or Container) can now be specified in an attribute.
> e.g.
> <tree parent="${someShell}">
>     ...
> </tree>

Works great! I'd like to see another feature, though. :) It would be nice to
be able to set a default value for the style-property of a tag. Buttons, for
example, always appear without a border around them if you don't specify it
(I know, this is SWT's implementation). Is it possible to do something like:

<j:set-default tag="Button" style="border"/>

Thanks for the help!



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