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From "Dag Liodden" <>
Subject [Jelly] Running Jelly:SWT's withouth creating a new shell?
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 06:55:49 GMT
Hi all!

I'm working on a JMX-console for JBoss and am looking into using Jelly:Swt
for scripting custom configurators for each MBean. The simple scripting that
Jelly allows for SWT right now is really enough for the basic
layouts/operations that need to be done with the MBeans. However, I'm not
familiar with Jelly and I'm wondering how to execute a Jelly:Swt script that
does not create a new shell (in Swing - Frame). In other words, I'd just
like to know how to set a parent (shell) tag -outside- of a script and then
execute it. I have a main app with a gui and just want to place
script-generated composites (in Swing - Panel) inside that gui. It would
also be nice to get a ref of the generated object back to my main app. :)

Any ideas? (this is probably a non-swt-specific :)

If you answer, pleas cc me as I'm not on the list yet. :)



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