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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject [jelly] Re: Create a JSTL fmt library
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 14:02:48 GMT
From: "Willie Vu" <>
> I want to use a i18n & Formatting tag library identical to JSTL's.  Since
> Jelly implements a collection of JSTL tags to perform core features, I
> wonder if fmt will be supported.

Sounds like a good idea.
I did hear someone talking about building one, maybe on the maven-dev list I
think - though I can't remember who it was. So far nothings been contrbuted
as of yet AFAIK.

> If I want to create the tag library
> myself, can someone offer some pointers?

Unfortunately the documentation's pretty weak right now...

I'd maybe try take a look at one of the existing tag libraries and copy how
its done, maybe using the util library as an example. They've recently been
refactored into seperate builds to make things easier to manage, so if you
surf the util library you'll get a feel for how it fits together and how to
write some unit test cases with JellyUnit etc..


> Thanks.
> --
> Willie Vu
> Center for Enhanced Learning and Training
> Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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