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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] problem with the plural stemmer
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:20:46 GMT
hi derek

this proved quite difficult to unravel: but i think i've done it now. the 
version in cvs shouldn't exhibit this bug.

note that the xml output produced by betwixt has been changed by fixing 
this bug. it's now once more producing (what i consider to be) more 
correct xml. so, some people might need to check that everything still 
works after they upgrade.

- robert

On Saturday, December 7, 2002, at 07:42 PM, Derek Bodin wrote:

> Has anyone noticed a bug in the Default Plural Stemmer?  If I have
> methods addPerson(Person p) and  getPersonList(), the Stemmer first
> checks for methods starting with person and ending in 's', then 'es' and
> finally 'ies' if the property ended in y.  Once it fails those three
> tests it gets the keys from the hash map passed in and iterates through
> them looking for the best fit.  BUT, in the method
> findGetCollectionDescriptor in XMLIntrospecterHelp, it hashes the
> property name, in my case 'person', to the root Descriptor, so in the
> Stemmer it first finds that pair, which is not the Element Descriptor
> needed.  Thus causing betwixt not to be able to add "People"  to the
> context.  So I guess the problem does not lie with the Stemmer, but in
> the values that are added before the map is sent to the stemmer.  If
> anyone knows why these values are there, or have any other insight could
> you please let me know?  Thanks
> Derek Bodin
> P.S.  I changed the code so it first looks for the property name ending
> with "List" and it works fine.

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