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From "Murphy, Tom (T06)" <>
Subject RE: [HttpClient]Is HttpClient usable?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:39:34 GMT
Grateful for the update.  Looking forward to alpha 2.

I stumbled into getting HttpClient to successfully forge a
multipart/form-data POST request (uploading 2 files) and handle it with
Commons' FileUpload.  Still not real sure about how HttpClient *should*
operate--just looked through the API and tried different things till
something worked.

I'm attaching a code excerpt for any interested parties.  I'm not claiming
that it's elegant, secure, or even good, but it did seem to work.  Files are
sent as application/octet-streams--I didn't see how to manually set
content-type.  I'll keep experimenting.

Thanks again.

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From: Rodney Waldhoff []

HttpClient is very much usable.  The "alpha" state refers much more to
design flux (although much of that has been worked through in the past
couple of months).  HttpClient seems to have rather few bugs for its size
and complexity.

I'd encourage you to use the nightly builds rather than the "alpha 1"
release (you can grab one from
There's an "alpha 2" release coming in the next few days, and hopefully
httpclient is approaching a genuine 2.0 release soon.  The current/A2
version is substantially enhanced and should be much closer to what the
final 2.0 version looks like than 2.0A1 is.

HttpClient does provide support for mulitpart/form-data POSTs, but I'll
have to let someone more familiar with that code describe how to use it.

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Murphy, Tom (T06) wrote:

> More specifically: If I want to simulate a multipart/form-data POST
> should I experiment with HttpClient or look elsewhere?  I do realize it's
> alpha form . . .

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