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From Todd Jonker <>
Subject Re: [jelly] scripting system for GUI tests (was Re: [Jelly] JellyUnit JellyAssertionFailedError not an Error)
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:52:00 GMT
No, there isn't any relation.  I wasn't aware of Abbot; thanks for the
pointer, Paul.  I'll definitely look into it.  However, unless Abbot
provides some fairly sophisticated extension mechanisms, I may not be able
to use it.

The (experimental) test framework is for a custom GUI framework that is part
of the Seedling component application platform.

I have (uncommitted) Jelly tags for configuring Seedling components via XML
(in addition to plain properties files).

Seedling GUI-framework module, Bonsai, has a sophisticated system for
connecting widgets with each other and with application components.  I've
got some (hackish) Jelly tags extending JellySwing to support this.  Then
yesterday I wrote some other tags extending JellyUnit to handle the
acceptance tests.

My main issue is that it would be desirable to write Unit tests (as well as
Acceptance tests) with the same framework, which means I need access to some
application internals beyond the Robot/Screen-scrape level.  With Jelly my
test scripts can dive in to any level necessary.  The only real problems are
the usual Swing threading/timing grunge.


On 12/10/02 10:53 AM, wrote:

> Is there any relation between this and the Abbot gui-scripting ?
> Paul
> On Mardi, d├ęcembre 10, 2002, at 10:07 , James Strachan wrote:
>>> Background:  I'm trying to write a scripting system for acceptance
>>> tests of
>>> GUI apps.  This involves several custom Jelly tags to do various GUI
>>> assertions an manipulations.  I'll post some other questions/problems
>>> on
>>> other threads.
>> Sounds interesting.

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