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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] info on .betwixt files, "add" methods, and CyclicReferenceExceptions
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:46:58 GMT
On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 10:33 PM, Darren Scott wrote:

>> i have been down this road before. i did start playing around
>> with stacks
>> but betwixt is hard to change without breaking things.
> I'm glad someone else has noticed it's easy to break it!

i think all the committers agree that the structure could be improved. the 
problem is that it's not easier to see the best way to do it...

>> i have some time this weekend and i was going to take a look at this
>> (provided that i can build maven by then). if you don't have
>> the time to
>> track down the problems by then, if you post your diff's (cvs
>> diff -u,
>> please) i'll (try to) finish the work off.
> I'll see how much time I get over the next couple of days...

as i said, i had planned to take a look at creating a fix in any case. if 
you do make progress before then let me know so that i can look at adding 
some other features instead :)

- robert

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