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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: BeanUtils and Dates
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 21:26:03 GMT
hi greg

the standard SqlDateConvertor in beanutils uses java.sql.Date.valueOf to 
perform the conversion. this method requires a date in sql date format ie 
yyyy-mm-dd. i don't think that the conversion will work given an input in 
your format.

there is an easy way to make this work in beanutils. you can create a 
custom converter and then register it to handle your's.

i'd create a custom convertor by extending SqlDateConverter and overriding 
convert with something like


public Object convert(Class type, Object value) {
	if (value == null) {
		return super.convert(type, value);

	return super.convert(type, value.toString().substring(0, 10));



see java docs for explanation of how to register a custom converter.

- robert

On Friday, December 6, 2002, at 06:32 PM, Greg Dunn wrote:

> I'm using BeanUtils to populate a bean with records from a resultSet via 
> a
> HashMap built using the metadata.getColumnName for property names and the
> rst.getString for values in the usual way.  A date field in the resultSet
> (we'll call it "myDate") is causing an exception.
> Debug log shows ConvertUtils is attempting to "Convert string '2002-09-25
> 01:05:43.0' to class 'java.sql.Date'" but it cannot and throws a
> ConversionException.
> My bean imports java.sql.Date, and the instance variable is:
> 	private Date myDate = null;
> My setter is:
> 	public void setMyDate(Date myDate) {
> 		this.myDate = myDate;
> 	}
> How do I get the date into my bean as a date?  Am I stuck with setting it 
> as
> a String?
> Greg
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