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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject RE: [Logging] Thread safety guaruntee of Log classes?
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:47:40 GMT
> I guessed that.  However one should program to the API 
> contract.  One benefit of using the Commons Logging API 
> wrapper layer was to allow switching implementations.  If you 
> are assuming thread safety as Struts seems to be, then 
> switching to a non-thread safe implementation would break 
> your application.
> So, is the contract of Log supposed to guarantee 
> thread-safety?  Despite what Struts assumes I'll assume no 
> until I hear otherwise.

No, commons-logging makes no guarantee of thread safety.  It was not
intended to do so.

The assumption that Struts makes, IMO, is a safe one.  Using a logging
API that is not thread safe will break more than Struts :)


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