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From "Wannheden, Knut" <>
Subject [jelly] xml pipeline
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 10:46:43 GMT
I just read the new article about the Jelly XML pipeline at

It is stated that a Jelly Tag can choose how to invoke its body.  So it
could (amongst other things) evaluate its body based on some condition or
parse its body into some structure.  This seems to suggest that these are
two completely different modes of operation.  But AFAICT, the second usage
(parse the body) requires it to be evaluated first.  Wouldn't it be useful
if a Tag could decide to parse its body in "raw" format (no evaluation of
it) or get the body as XML (DOM or SAX)?

So for example in

 <j:set var="x" value="y"/>

the <my:tag/> would retrieve its body as a Script.  For this Script it could
either request the associated XML code or evaluate it (and optionally get
the output).



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