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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Questions about Jelly
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 07:48:46 GMT
From: "Mark R. Diggory" <>
> > Differences
> >
> >     * Jelly has full support for pluggable expression languages. The
default expression language is a
> > superset of the one used in JSP, JSTL and JSF which supports conditional
expressions, navigating
> > bean properties, and working with Maps, Collections, Lists, arrays etc.
Jexl is the current
> > implementation which adds some Velocity-like enhancements like method
calls on beans etc.
> 1.) Is there a place I can find documentation about the scripting
> language used by Jelly? What is supported by Jelly in comparision to the
> EL inside of the JSTL?
> I see examples like this:
>    <frame title="This is a frame" var="frame" location="100,100"
> size="800,400">
>    <font family="helvetica" size="14"/>
>      <menuBar>
> ....
> ${}
> does this mean that Jelly supports direct method calls (something
> JSTL/EL is currently working towards?)


Has JSP 2.0 agreed to allow direct method calls yet? I sure hope so.

> 2.) From lurking about taglibs and tomcat lists, I know that JSP 2.0 is
> going to support the Scripting Langauge independent of the taglibraries
> (So the expression handling occurs outside the tags. Infact - moving the
> EL Enterpreter into a separate commons project.) and will also support
> defining new functions for the scripting language. Has any thought gone
> into adopting this for Jelly as well?

Yes. We should be able to just drop in any expression language.


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