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From "Darren Scott" <>
Subject RE: [betwixt] info on .betwixt files, "add" methods, and CyclicReferenceExceptions
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 21:54:16 GMT
> many thanks for the patch.
> i haven't used the code but it did prove very useful. the version i 
> committed uses instance equality (==) rather than equals to determine 
> whether a bean is it's own ancester. it also uses the stack 
> implementation 
> in jakarta-commons-collections for greater backwards 
> compatibility. in 
> addition, i've tried to protect the ways that subclasses can 
> access the 
> stack.
> - robert

I'm glad the patch was of use - my first Jakarta code contribution! I'm
so proud... ;-)

While we're still on the subject of betwixt I'm still confused about its
use of "add" methods on beans? Am I right in thinking that if I'm only
using betwixt to write XML from a bean, the "add" methods don't come
into it? If I'm wrong about this, how exactly do they get used (after
all that means betwixt would be adding objects to a collection in my
bean - how can that be?)


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