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From Jeff Robertson <>
Subject [beanutils] dependencies in manifest?
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 14:29:11 GMT
BeanUtils uses both the commons logging and collections packages. However,
the Manifest in the commons-beanutil.jar makes no mention of these
dependencies. Since beanutils doesn't do this, I have to explicitly specify
collections and logging as depencies of *my* jars, even if I don't directly
use them in my own code.

People who are just using Tomcat might be able to just throw all the jars
into WEB-INF/lib and be done with it. But when one is putting the jar files
in an EAR, for instance, the extension mechanism is very helpful.

All I had to do was add the following line to MANIFEST.MF:

Class-Path: commons-collections.jar commons-logging.jar

I will submit an actual patch for it if anybody agrees that this is a good
idea. (I don't think I can even use CVS through the firewall here at work,
so I'll have to do it manually with 'diff')

More on the java extensions mechanism:

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